Teaching Programs

The Shamanic Healer Program is
Closed until January 2024

Rev. Denise has been teaching healing and earth magick ways since 2009. Her greatest pleasure is witnessing her students commit to their spiritual calling and the subsequent transformation of spirit that ensues.

Programs are based on ancient wisdom from over 15,000 years ago, alongside direct teachings Rev. Denise has received from the Sacred. The teachings are brought forward from a humble approach that as humans, we have no special powers, yet have an innate ability to heal through our unique spiritual gifts. We are conduits for the Sacred the flow through to offer extraordinary insight, healing, and magick. The programs you’ll discover here within are intense, immersive experiences that hold the opportunity to transform you and your life with your dedication. Rev. Denise expects all her students to dedicate themselves to their sacred calling, their personal team of spirit helpers, and to personal development.

While these programs CAN be for those who are new to the path, all students must demonstrate some level of self awareness. These programs are for the mature adult who is ready to be in service to the Sacred.

About the Shamanic Healer Program:

Students come to follow their sacred calling to help others as Shamanic Healers, and not to chase a title. Rev. Denise cannot make anyone a Shaman – this is something only Spirit can do via personal initiations. What Rev. Denise offers is the opportunity to learn the healing ways of the Shaman, provide a powerful skillset of healing tools for the self and others, and support the Spirit during initiations both during and outside of program meetings. Rev. Denise offers legendary mentorship during the entirety of the program and beyond. She is well known for her ability to be present when her student is inside a transformational process.

Rev. Denise’s Teaching Style:

Rev. Denise believes in teaching from a place of transparency, empowerment, and love. She will openly discuss both her successes and challenges, and share teachings to help her students navigate through their own journey both personally and professionally. Students describe Rev. Denise’s teaching style as easy to understand, feeling “held” and safe, and “real”. Rev. Denise believes in cutting through the woo language of the neo-spiritual world and teaches from a place of grounded humanness. She does this to prepare her students for the reality of their calling, and not just the fanciful ideations of hanging a “healer” shingle. There are strong ethics teachings that are expected to be adhered to from all students, as well as an inherent devotion to not just the program, but to the students path as a Shamanic Healer.

Links to Rev. Denise’s Teaching Programs:

You will be transferred to the website of Rev. Denise’s former business, Ayni Healing Arts Center. You will land on the direct page that contains all information about each program, as well as a registration form to complete at the bottom. She will receive your registration form so no worries about that!

Registration for all Programs ends once all spots are filled. It’s suggested that you apply right away if you’re called as these programs fill quickly.