Add-On Services

Schedule your Add-On to any service of your choice by booking online here!

20-min Add-On: add 20 additional minutes to your service!

Sinus Treatment: clear congested sinuses and drain excess mucus that causes pain. Excellent for allergy sufferers.

Face & Scalp Decompression: This treatment helps to alleviate stress and tension that usually accumulates in the head and face.

Foot Scrub Treatment: Working with our handmade sugar scrubs, we will apply the scrub with a delicious foot massage. Great for people who work on their feet or have tired achy feet.

Back Scrub Treatment: Working with our handmade sugar scrubs, we will apply the scrub with a delicious back massage. Fused inside your service, this is great for those looking for an extra add-on for the back.

Mini Reiki: this treats stagnant or scattered qi. Seen as Universal Love flowing to you, Reiki makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a blanket of Love. You feel safe, comforted, and peaceful as your qi flows freely.

Mini Energy Cleansing: this treats obstructed or stagnant qi. Flower waters, sacred smoke, or essential oils are worked with a feather fan to gently cleanse your qi of unwanted energy and return your qi’s natural flow.

Mini Sound Therapy: this treats scattered qi, misaligned qi, and stagnant qi conditions. Sacred Tibetan singing bowls are placed directly on your body and rung. The frequencies are felt deeply in your body as the healing effects ripple from your qi all the way down to the cellular DNA structures of your body. It’s soothing, centering, and relaxing.

Mini Chakra Balancing: this treats misaligned qi. Our energetic centers can become misaligned from a host of mental emotional challenges. Small crystals are activated in a specific sequence and placed on the 7 primary energetic centers (aka chakras) of the body. Your therapist will open, clear, and balance the chakras to promote better balance. There’s often a feeling of refreshment and overall wellbeing.