Rev. Denise supports the awakening of your inner healer.  Whether you’re searching for support in your own healing journey or a mentor to awaken your innate healing gifts, Rev. Denise has supported thousands of patients and students since 2006. 

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Here’s How We Support Your Healing Journey…

Rev. Denise crafts a customized wellness plan to support your wellness goals. Each person is unique, and therefore your wellness plan will be unique too. Pulling from her mastery of multiple ancient healing ways, Rev. Denise has supported thousands of patients to align with their healing intentions body mind and spirit.

Ready to Awaken Your Gifts?

Explore Rev. Denise’s teaching programs (Healer Program, Moon Magick Series, Spirit of Ayahuasca Program, and More) and discover where there may be an alignment of your spiritual intentions.

Haven of Harmony

Formerly Swiftwind Therapy and Ayni Healing Arts Center, Rev. Denise has been in practice since 2006.

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Accepting New Patients!

Rev. Denise is available by appointment Monday – Friday and has both daytime and evening hours for your convenience.