Energy Healing

Perhaps one of the most unique offerings we share, energy healing is often misunderstood and overlooked. Here at Haven of Harmony, we acknowledge that energy healing takes on various forms and supports healing from a different angle to fill in the energetic “holes”.

Energetic disturbances often create physical, emotional, and mental imbalance. Our Team will skillfully apply ethical energetic healing per your request to resolve the energetic conditions affecting your body, heart, mind, and soul.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing to us is the skillful approach to an energetic disturbance creating physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual disharmonies. In more scientific terms, I’ll refer to energy as qi (pronounced “chi”). Qi is a Chinese word that describes an unseen force within each person that is palpable, and it naturally courses with life energy. When you experience suffering on any level (physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually), your qi is out of balance. Qi can get stuck, scattered, fragmented, suppressed, obstructed, displaced, or misaligned. Energy healing is a way to restore your qi to its natural function to promote overall health and wellbeing on all levels.

Why is energy healing so important at
Haven of Harmony?

Imagine you have chronic neck and back pain. It’s been with you for a while. Massage helps, but the pain always comes back. There may be a deeper energetic condition that’s not being addressed. If your qi remains imbalanced despite the massage you receive, that pain will surely return, because you’re not being treated for the full condition. There’s almost always an energetic aspect to healing to support a fuller resolution.

Sometimes your qi will resolve easily because there’s a simple misalignment that can be easily corrected. Other times, your qi will resolve more deeply as you resolve the related emotional or mental disturbances that are connected with your challenge. Energy healing in the latter case can help you find mental clarity to make necessary changes so you can have greater peace, and therefore, healing more completely.

For example: mid-back pain can be related to unresolved grief getting stuck near your heart center. Massage will certainly help loosen the tension, but that grief energy remains unresolved, so the pain continues to return. When we apply energy healing, we silently acknowledge that stuck grief energy and support its flow once again. Sometimes you’ll suddenly be reminded of your grief despite nothing being said at the moment. Sometimes, a tear will be shed as the grief begins to flow again. And while it may take more than one session to fully resolve, your massage or coaching session combined with energy healing leaves you feeling more peaceful than massage or coaching does alone. Ideally, the pain begins to lessen over time until it too resolves completely.

The mind body spirit connection is something we fully acknowledge and embrace here at Haven of Harmony. And we also completely respect our clients who simply wish to enjoy a traditional massage or coaching session without the energetic healing component. Energy Healing is optional, and your opinions are always respected here.

Types of Energy Healing We Offer:

Reiki: this treats stagnant or scattered qi. Seen as Universal Love flowing to you, Reiki makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a blanket of Love. You feel safe, comforted, and peaceful as your qi flows freely.

Recommended for everyone! This service is an excellent support for clients healing from anxiety, depression, trauma, or grief. Also recommended for clients healing from major medical conditions where massage is contraindicated.

Crystal Therapy: this is worked with to resolve displaced qi. Small crystals are activated and placed on or around your body to envelop you in the healing effects of specific crystals. Different crystals support different healing conditions. Your therapist will know what crystals you need and apply respectfully. Reiki may be used in support with the crystals if the therapist is called.

Recommended for clients who are more sensitive, and those with heavy hearts.

Energy Clearing: this treats obstructed or stagnant qi. Flower waters, sacred smoke, or essential oils are worked with a feather fan to gently cleanse your qi of unwanted energy and return your qi’s natural flow.

Recommended for clients who feel stuck or trapped in their lives.

Chakra Healing: this treats misaligned qi. Our energetic centers can become misaligned from a host of mental emotional challenges. Small crystals are activated in a specific sequence and placed on the 7 primary energetic centers (aka chakras) of the body. Your therapist will open, clear, and balance the chakras to promote better balance. There’s often a feeling of refreshment and overall wellbeing.

Recommended for clients who feel unbalanced, or those who need an “energetic tune up”.

Sound Therapy: this treats scattered qi, misaligned qi, and stagnant qi conditions. Sacred Tibetan singing bowls are placed directly on your body and rung. The frequencies are felt deeply in your body as the healing effects ripple from your qi all the way down to the cellular DNA structures of your body. It’s soothing, centering, and relaxing.

Recommended for clients with monkey brain, unable to focus, insomnia, and also helpful for clients healing from minor medical conditions.

Not recommended for pregnant women, or clients with seizure disorders.

Shamanic Healing: is offered by Rev. Denise and team members who have completed her Shamanic Healer Program. Shamanic Healing is a powerful form of energy healing that treats all unresolved qi patterns utilizing various shamanic tools and techniques, as well as any of the energy healing tools here. Light drumming or rattling, application of floral waters or sacred smoke or essential oils, soft singing or chanting, crystals, sound therapy, chakra healing, Reiki, and more may be worked with during your session as called by your therapist.

Recommended for everyone! Each session is customized to your goals and needs. Clients healing from any medical condition are also invited to this form of energy healing. Helpful for clients healing from anxiety, trauma, depression, bad luck, feeling out of the body, grief, and more.