Energy Healer Apprenticeship

With Rev. Denise Saracco-Zoppi

Before there was science, there was energy medicine.  Healers from all cultures relied on their ability to “see the unseen”, connect with their Healing Guides, and work with energy in a way to create a beneficial shift for the suffering person.  From this place of ancient wisdom, many ancient healing ways have formed; acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, qigong, yoga, counseling, sound therapy, reiki, crystal healing, and so much more.  And all these healing ways have a single methodology at their root: shamanic practices.

Inside this apprenticeship, you will learn the shamanic perspectives of energy healing, as well as the myriad of ways those practices have formed specific variations of energy medicine.  You will come to explore directly how energy feels and moves, how you dance with energy yourself, how to connect with and work with energy, and so much more.  At its completion, you’ll earn a well-deserved Energy Healer Certification to enhance your credibility and professional opportunities.

  • Expand their Reiki (or other energy healing) training
  • Get solid and grounded in their intuitive/spiritual gifts (the Claires)
  • Apply what they’ve learned in psychic development and/or other energy healing modalities into a cohesive healing ceremony
  • Learn how powerful energy medicine can be alone or combined with other traditional services (i.e. acupuncture, massage, facials, chiropractic, counseling, etc.)
  • Work on developing deeper and more intimate connections with their Spirit Helpers in a healing context

Alongside legendary mentorship throughout the entirety of this program, there will be regular assessments, homework assignments, special projects, and multiple opportunities to “look within” to initiate a deeper healing within yourself as you immerse yourself in these energy medicine teachings.

As an apprenticeship curriculum, you will learn these ways as Rev. Denise has learned.  Her studies combine both academic scientific knowledge alongside with the direct teachings of the Spirit.  Her unique perspectives, experiences, and case studies are founded within her own diverse array of teachings.

1. Introduction to Energy Healing: This topic provides an overview of energy healing, its history, principles, and basic concepts. Students will learn about the different energy systems in the body, such as chakras, meridians, and auras.

2. Energy Anatomy: This topic delves deeper into the energy anatomy of the body, exploring the subtle energy channels, points, and centers. Students will learn about the flow of energy, blockages, and how energy imbalances can affect overall well-being.

3. Healing Modalities: Students will learn the specific techniques, processes, and protocols associated with each healing modality (i.e. crystals, sound medicine, some shamanic healing, chakra and auric healing, clearing tools, etc.)

4. Techniques and Practices: This topic focuses on specific techniques and practices used in energy healing, such as energy scanning, clearing, grounding, balancing, and visualization. Students will learn how to sense and manipulate energy, as well as how to work with clients effectively.

5. Intuition and Sensitivity: Energy healing involves developing intuition and sensitivity to perceive and work with subtle energies. This program will include exercises and practices to enhance students’ intuitive abilities, including meditation, mindfulness, and energy sensing exercises.  Attention to which Claire’s are strong and which are weak will be worked with during the entirety of this curriculum so students will confidently know how the Sacred speaks with them.

6. Ethics and Boundaries: As energy healers, it is important to maintain ethical practices and establish appropriate boundaries with clients. We will cover topics including client consent, confidentiality, professionalism, and maintaining personal energy hygiene.

7. Anatomy and Physiology: A foundational understanding of human anatomy and physiology is included in this energy healing program. This knowledge helps students understand the connection between physical health and energy imbalances.

8. Case Studies and Practical Application: To apply the knowledge and techniques learned, this program will include case studies and practical application exercises. Students will work on real-life scenarios and practice with fellow students under the guidance of instructors.  Additional real-world scenarios will be experienced during the clinics.

9. Self-Care and Personal Growth: Energy healing is not just about healing others; it also involves self-care and personal growth. We will emphasize the importance of self-healing, self-reflection, and self-awareness for all students.

Additionally, Energy Healing Clinics will be required for all students to participate in.  Students will work on clients provided by Haven Of Harmony to practice at different intervals of your training to develop confidence, work out tweaks, and have real-world practical experience.  There will be about 2-3 Clinics set up inside the duration of this apprenticeship.  More may be added if students request it.

There will be direct learning throughout much of this course both from your Spirit Team as well as from in-class practices of energy medicine.  Practice sessions are a crucial part to this curriculum.  Feedback from your fellow tribe, teaching assistants, and Rev. Denise herself will help you grow in confidence and refine your skills.  The value you’ll receive from this level of curriculum opens doorways both within yourself and in the outer world for you to step into the Energy Medicine Practitioner you were born to be.

The entirety of this course runs approximately 2 years in total when meeting twice per month.  Meetings for this course are set to run on the 2nd and 4th Sundays from 11-5 beginning February 11, 2024.  This apprenticeship may run longer depending on how the group’s needs and goals are needed to be met.

Investment is paid per month – $197/ month.  Despite this class being paid per month, there will need to be a commitment to the entirety of this apprenticeship.

Should there be inclement weather, class will be held via Zoom.  In the event of illness, students will have access to the class either live virtually or they may have access to the recording of the class.

Interested prospective students: please complete the application form below.  Rev. Denise will respond to you within 72 hours and indicate if she desires a deeper interview to be scheduled (this will be especially true for those she’s never worked with before) to ensure harmony between the prospective student, Rev. Denise, and this program.

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A master energy healing teacher holds immense value for their students. They provide a wealth of knowledge, experience, and guidance in the field of energy healing. Here are some key aspects of the value they bring:

1. Comprehensive Understanding: A master energy healing teacher possesses a deep understanding of various energy healing modalities, techniques, and theories. They can offer a holistic perspective on energy systems, chakras, auras, and how they contribute to overall well-being. Their knowledge allows students to grasp the intricacies of energy healing and its impact on physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

2. Skill Development: Through their expertise, a master energy healing teacher helps students develop essential skills necessary for effective healing practices. They provide hands-on training, demonstrating various techniques, and offering personalized feedback to refine their students’ abilities. This mentorship helps students gain confidence and proficiency in their energy healing practices.

3. Personal Growth: Energy healing is not only about healing others but also about self-transformation. A master energy healing teacher helps students navigate their own personal growth journey. They provide guidance on self-awareness, mindfulness, and cultivating positive energy within themselves. This aspect is crucial as it allows students to embody the healing principles they learn and become more empathetic, compassionate individuals.

4. Ethical and Professional Standards: A master energy healing teacher instills a sense of ethics and professionalism in their students. They emphasize the importance of maintaining boundaries, respecting clients’ autonomy, and upholding confidentiality. By setting high standards, they ensure that students develop a strong ethical foundation to support their future healing practices.

5. Community and Support: A master energy healing teacher often creates a supportive community among their students. This community serves as a valuable network where students can seek advice, share experiences, and grow together. The teacher fosters a safe space for open dialogue, encouraging collaboration rather than competition. This sense of belonging can be incredibly empowering for students on their energy healing journey.

Overall, a master energy healing teacher is a beacon of knowledge, support, and inspiration for their students. They equip individuals with the skills, understanding, and ethical framework necessary to become proficient energy healers and make a positive impact in the lives of others.