Rev. Denise Services

Specialty Services Offered:

  • Intuitive Card Reading
  • Integrative Healing Session
  • Energy Healing Ceremony
  • CrainiReiki Massage
  • Dynamic Fire Cupping Massage
  • 1:1 Shamanic Teaching Session

Intuitive Card Reading: 1 hour session – this service is for those looking for Divine guidance either generally, or for specific questions. Rev. Denise’s style is conversational as she seeks her client’s perspective to phrase questions to the Sacred in a clear way. This proves to be an effective way for a profound clarity within the reading.

Integrative Healing Session: 2 hour sessions – these sessions are ideal for clients who want to take a deeper look into chronic challenges in their lives and work with a guide to navigate their way forward. Inside these sessions, Rev. Denise will assess your challenge, offer intuitive guidance, “homework” (i.e. mindfulness practices) specific to your needs and goals, customize a wellness roadmap to your success, as well as provide time on the healing table for massage, energy healing, a healing ceremony, a personalized meditation, sound therapy treatment, or some combination of the above.

Energy Healing Ceremony: 2-hour session – Rev. Denise will conduct a spiritual assessment to your energetic challenge. Ideal for clients who feel they are cursed, trapped, stagnant, off their path, have strange paranormal occurrences, needing to “cut cords” with former relationships, or any other spiritual/energetic challenge. Sessions may be held in Rev. Denise’s private residence if she feels the session may be louder than what is acceptable at the spa.

CrainiReiki Massage: is Rev. Denise’s own fusion of Craniosacral Massage + Reiki + Aromatherapy. This style massage occurs with you remaining fully clothed while very gentle touch is applied from your head down to your feet, and along each vertebrae down the entire spine, in a specific sequence.

This treatment is excellent for any condition that affects the nervous system, including anxiety, trauma, chronic inflammation, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s Disease, MS, spiritual disconnection, grief, IBS, feelings of fullness in the head, and more. This treatment is not recommended for clients healing from active cancer, organ dysfunction, any kind of tumors, or anything that movement within the body would create harm.

Dynamic Fire Cupping: ideal for clients who have chronic painful conditions and enjoy a deep tissue massage. The cups draw out toxins, stagnation, and they can energetically move energy efficiently. Cups may stay stationary, or glided along the body for more therapeutic benefit.

Not suitable for clients with blood conditions, fibromyalgia, inflammatory conditions, acute painful conditions or injuries, heart conditions (including high blood pressure), or organ dysfunction.

1:1 Shamanic Teaching Session: offered for accepted students of individualized Shamanic Healing instruction. If you are interested in private Shamanic Healing instruction, please schedule a 2-Hour Energy Healing Ceremony online and in the notes section, write “Shamanic Instruction”. Rev. Denise will interview you and explore your interests, calling, and past history with energy healing. She will also inquire about your intentions deeply. Afterwards, Rev. Denise will perform Shamanic Divination with you to ensure harmony between you and her Shamanic Healer Program.