Meet Rev. Denise

Rev. Denise Saracco-Zoppi is CEO and Founder of Haven of Harmony.

She is a Master Massage Therapist, Shaman Healer and Mentor, LMT, CMLDT, “The Soul Doctor”, International Best-Selling Author, Success Empowerment Coach, and Master Ceremonialist.

Since 2006, Rev. Denise’s walk with The Sacred has helped thousands of people to reclaim their wellness, sing back their souls from trauma, and to alchemize their pain into purpose.  She employs an intuitive holistic fusion of massage, energy healing, sound therapy, LOVE, sacred teachings, and Spirit Medicine to help her clients align with their best possible lives! 

Rev. Denise’s style of healing is compassionate, direct, and empowerment-based. After performing her initial spiritual assessment, she sets out to create a customized healing journey to bring her client back to wholeness within themselves. She believes that the mindfulness practices and ceremonies she offers as “homework” in between sessions is essential for the client to take accountability for their own healing journey.

Rev. Denise makes herself available in between sessions whenever needed to all her patients and students at no extra cost. She knows the lonely road a healing journey have have on the soul, and this is her way of supporting those in a transformational experience of a lifetime.

What brought Rev. Denise to this path?

There are 3 traditional ways a person is called to walk a Shamanic path.

1) Surviving a lightning strike
2) Having a near-death experience AND healing from that experience
3) Having a grand mal seizure (without an actual seizure disorder) AND connect with the spiritual realm AND heal from any subsequent afflictions

These callings often occur at a young age – usually much before 5 years old. In ancient societies worldwide, the shamans would look for young children who exhibit the signs of the shamanic calling. Those children typically fall ill after their calling and must learn how to restore their own health. This is a typical initiation rite directly from the Sacred. It is often met with much resistance on the to-be-shaman as there are many dangers and sacrifices a shaman makes to serve the calling with integrity. The calling to be shaman is not one that is sought out. It is a surrender into the unknown world that the calling will lead.

Rev. Denise had a total of 6 grand mal seizures in her life between the ages of 2 and 21. After resisting her calling and her path, Rev. Denise’s last seizure at age 21 brought on the “shamanic illness” – a spiritual disease creating physical illness that traditional western medicine has no explanation or diagnosis for. Rev. Denise was unable to function in ordinary life and was placed on temporary disability from work. She had to find a way to heal herself. As a European descendent living in traditional America, there were no elder shamans to guide the way for her. While Rev. Denise had the loving support of her family, ultimately, her healing journey was a solitary one as no one truly understood what she was moving through beyond the physical symptoms. It took her about 7 years to find her way back to wellness. She explored Reiki, yoga, meditation, returned to music as a classically-trained musician, and began exploring spirituality. From there, the Sacred orchestrated synchronistic events and new people that brought Rev. Denise to her first Shamanic apprenticeship in 2005. Once she accepted her calling and applied the shamanic healing techniques to herself, her symptoms resolved organically. This is how Rev. Denise knew undeniably this was her sacred path this lifetime.

The Journey Continues…

Since accepting her sacred calling, Rev. Denise continues to widen her exploration of ancient healing ways. She loves learning about different cultures and their perspectives on dis-ease and healing. Rev. Denise has taken multiple continuing education courses on the following topics:

  • Direct Teachings from the Spirit since 1982
  • Chakra Medicine and Healing
  • Reiki
  • Herbal Medicine Making
  • Acupressure/Meridian and Point Healing
  • Cherokee Bodywork and Energetic Healing
  • Multiple Apprenticeships with US, Peruvian, Mayan, African, Native American, Celtic, Chinese, and Tibetan Teachers
  • Therapeutic Aromatherapy
  • Sound and Vibrational Healing
  • Life Coaching
  • Spirit Crossing Ceremonies
  • Various Spiritual Ceremonies for Healing
  • Solitary Magick and Coven Magick
  • Formal Magickal High Priestess Training

Since 2008, Rev. Denise also teaches the art of spirit healing to her students. These students are called to be Healers in their community, and Rev. Denise loves to share her expertise in her own, unique Shamanic Healer Program. She also loves to share the gifts of magick in her magickal training, Moon Magick Series.

Since earning her Massage and Bodywork License in 2012, Rev. Denise continues to explore ancient healing modalities. She is currently enrolled in Chinese Medical School working her way towards her Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture.

All of these accomplishments are because of Rev. Denise’s lifelong dedication to her sacred calling. Everything in her world revolves around her connection – and profound trust – with the Sacred. She a seasoned professional, is initiated by Spirit directly, and is devoted to her legacy of love and empowerment. Haven of Harmony represents her legacy of love and healing.