October Events

*Please RSVP to the workshop(s) you’re interested in – OR –
via text/call at 862-268-3213! Feel free to share with others!*

All Events are held in our Newton NJ location
unless otherwise stated.

Self-Care Series: Click HERE to learn more and register!

Psychic Medium Mentorship: Click HERE to learn more and apply!

Singing Bowl Meditation with Rev. Denise – 10/20 at 7pm – $20: Reduce stress, pain, insomnia, and symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and monkey brain by listening to the healing frequencies of the singing bowls! Scientifically proven to support overall health and wellbeing down to a DNA cellular level. Float on the frequencies and receive to help replenish your being after a long week.

Guided Meditation with Josh – 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11am – $10: Take a journey with Josh as he guides you into a Divinely inspired meditation. Meditation practices like this help calm your nervous system, soothe your mind, and nourish your soul.

Message Circle with Josh – October 21 at 7pm – $30: Join Josh and his student(s) as they share messages from your guides and loving ancestors. Each person will receive at least 1 personal message. This is offered in a group forum as each Message Bearer comes around one by one to connect in with your guides to offer a personal message just for you! Group messages may come through as well.

Shamanic Journey Circle with Rev. Denise – October 29 at 7pm – $20: Connect with your Spirit Team for healing, guidance, and soulful connection! Beginners and advanced practitioners are welcomed. Journey with Rev. Denise’s Medicine Drum into the Spirit World and explore what awaits you!

Psychic Saturday – 4th Saturday (10/28) 11am – 4pm – $29/15 minute Readings: Offering:
– Intuitive Card Readings (readings with the cards)
– Mediumship Readings (readings from a loving ancestor in spirit)
– Past Life Readings (a card reading explaining who you were in a past life)

Shamanic Healer Retreat: Closed for new students for the year. Registration will open again in January 2024.

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Cash, Venmo, and credit/debit card is accepted.