Self-Care Series: Holiday De-Stressors

Join Rev. Denise for a 4-week self-care series that will guide you in deepening your wellness before the holiday season!  Let’s face it: the holidays are stressful!  Thankfully, there are effective and simple tools we can engage with to make this holiday season more relaxing, feel richer, and more enjoyable.

Each week we’ll focus on a specific topic and explore how to integrate the tools into our daily lives.  You’ll also spend time each week simply receiving from one of the tools we discuss to support you sinking into your wellness.

Pre-registration is required.  Pay for each class at $40 drop in rate, or save and register for all 4 classes for just $125!  Register either online (below) or by phone: or call/text 862-268-3213. You can also pay online under the registration form!

Thursday, October 5: Week 1 – The Science of Frequencies – this week we will explore Sound Therapy, the science behind why it’s so effective, and how easily we can infuse it into our life!  We will also float on the frequencies and receive a mini sound healing session during the class.

Thursday, October 12: Week 2 – Healing With Aromatherapy – this week we will discover the science behind aromatherapy and how it supports our wellness body mind and spirit.  We will review 7-10 common healing oils and make a personalized, balanced blend for each person to enjoy.

Thursday, October 19: Week 3 – Acupressure and Breathwork – this week we focus around common relaxing acupressure points and the specific ways in which to soothe your being during stress.  This will be blended with simple breathwork exercises that are surprisingly effective. 

Thursday, October 26: Week 4 – Crystals and Stress Reduction – this week we dive into the world of crystals and how to effectively work with them vs simply admiring their beauty from afar.  We’ll review meditation, clearing techniques, and stilling practices during class as you sink into your crystal.

Self-Care Series: All 4 Classes

All 4 classes of the series.


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